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Update #601: July 16 2014 (holiday update jammed, next one will follow soon)

New girl Priscilla in ripped jeans and white blouse over black shirt

Update #600: July 8 2014

New girl Yael is quite pretty and really knows how to get wet in style.
A nice girl to be our 600th post since we started! :-)

Update #599: July 1 2014

Movie of Nathalie in baggy jeans pants and a jeans jacket over two T-shirts. She removes one later on.
Also cool army boots, fun outfit!

Update #598: June 24 2014

Pascale on pumps in tight jeans and a white blouse soaks and poses

Update #597: June 16 2014

Tanja in a baggy stretch pants and a pullover that gets c-thru when soaked. Love the long blond hair!

Update #596: June 8 2014

Veronique in a black pant suit and heels over a blue blouse, very nice set.

Update #595: June 1 2014

Esmaralda & Mandy in a nice playful movie, where they chase each other and get all soaked :-)

Updating every week since 2003!

Premium Wetlook is a WAM member site for fully clothed wetlook in casual and formal clothes.
Not just a pants and shirts, wet jeans or wet dresses, but complete outfits, mostly including socks and shoes!
All the clothes do get soaked, and most of the girls are wearing their own clothes which they wear to school or work as well!

All girls are over 18 years old. UMD