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Girls in wet clothes
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Update #648: July 23 2015

Red dress and nothing else on Desiree. She's wild and extreme, but also very nice to work with.

Update #647: July 16 2015

Movie of very cute and elegant Milou. She is wearing an all jeans outfit and carefully 
shows every part of it, including a nice pantypeek on top of her Hilfiger!

Update #646: July 8 2015

Asian beauty Gaby on heels in skirt and jacket with a tear in her pantyhose.
So it's time to rip those panties to shreds!

Update #645: July 1 2015

Great movie of gorgeous Tanja in black dress and pantyhose, which she rips

Update #644: June 21 2015

Louise in a Nickelson bomberjacket with fur hoodie and magnificent shine!

Update #643: June 14 2015

Jessica in jeans and black T-shirt under a lumberjack shirt

Updating every week since 2003!

Premium Wetlook is a WAM member site for fully clothed wetlook in casual and formal clothes.
Not just a pants and shirts, wet jeans or wet dresses, but complete outfits, mostly including socks and shoes!
All the clothes do get soaked, and most of the girls are wearing their own clothes which they wear to school or work as well!

All girls are over 18 years old. UMD