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This are some samples of the material we have posted on this site in the past.
Sets get removed after a while to www.wetlookshop.com, so make sure you stay a member if you do not want to miss our new material!
Note that not all these samples will be online anymore if you joined to late.

Currently there are 31 movies online
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Update #700

Dark Pamela was posing in a bathingsuit, when we asked her to wear a very long blouse in the water.

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #699

Slender Melissa in very tight jeans and animalprint shirt, waves her long wet hair.

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #698

Chrissy takes a shower, wearing Australians, suede boots with fur, a genuine leather skirt and a suede leather jacket.

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #697

Desiree is so happy and she had so much fun getting soaking wet in her tiny denim shorts and on bare feet

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #696

Lovely Nicha in a traditional Indian dress with vail. She is careful with it but still manages to get it nice and wet

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #695

A good bang to end this year with! Chrissy is back and more blond than ever!
She takes a bath in very tight jeans and an original Nickelson downjacket.

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #694

Arabian Sherry looks quite elegant in her shiny black pants and little jacket over heels and blouse.
When she gets soaking wet the fabric even looks better!

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #693

Blond Monica is wearing white pants and a sheer wool pullover with some white Adidas Superstars underneath.
The mud in the water makes her clothes dirty, and the weight of the pullover gets great when soaked

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #692

Black beauty Pamela wearing a long skirt and a white top with no bra, bare feet on a hot day

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #691

Movie of Hinke wearing a very tight blue jeans and a soaking heavy wool pullover.
Also some Caterpillar working boots which she takes off at the end.

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #690

Very funny and well shaped Desiree in a plain white shirt and a pink skirt, she takes off her shoes before going into the water.

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #689

Movie of Indian Nicha wearing tight pants that get a great shine and a simple black shirt under a leatherlook jacket.
Very pretty girl in her very first wetlook-experience

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #688

Samantha in a big pair of jeans and a denim shirt which she takes off near the end. Cute glasses.

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #687

She is pretty, funny, cute and sexy! 
Sherry is from Iran and very spontaneously shows off her all jeans outfit and a thong peeking out.

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #686

Barbara in a summer dress splashes around and makes waves.

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #685

Desiree in a brown dress wades through the mud to get to a pond where she can do her poses.

(also available as
pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #684

A little black dress and a lot of sun is all it takes to have fun in the water :-)

(also available as
pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #683

Filmed by her sister, Belinda takes a shower wearing her tight green synthetic dress.

(also available as
pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com)

Update #682

Nice pictureset of Manon in a skinny jeans and a wool vest over a little blue top.
She gets her thick, full hair soaking wet!

(also available as
pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

Update #681

Movie of elegant girl Gaby on high heels, tight black stockings and a little dress.

(also available as
pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

Update #680

Louise also did a solo shoot wearing a classic 70's dress that belonged to her aunt.
The fabric was very hard to get soaked, but in the end she got it all wet.

Update #679

New girl Kimberley came along with blond Louise and wanted to try it herself.
Great jeans and sunny poses!

Update #678

Indian Belinda is wearing a summer dress and loves to show off her bare feet

Update #677

Super-elegant Milou in a business suit with high suede heels and a black pantyhose.
She takes off her black jacket to reveal her white blouse which gets all sheer when soaked.
Her make-up runs down her face making it a wonderful sight!

Update #676

Red pants and Manola-like shoes with red soles, also a white jacket on top of a blouse

Update #675

Movie of Louise in an all white outfit (that gets c-thru where it matters) and a special show of her brand new Uggs!

Update #674

Kavita in pantyhose, shorts and a blouse... she rips her panty to shreds

Update #673

Movie of Desiree in an Italian style bomberjacket Nickelson

Update #672

Cousins Nicha and Sally in tight jeans and a blouse show their long wet hair

Update #671

Louise in an exclusive Ascot outfit including sheer white blouse and creme jacket over a wide white skirt.
When she swirls it rises above her waist in the members-area! She takes off the jacket and shows off this smashing outfit

Update #670

Movie of Sherry in blue shorts, heels and a red T-shirt without bra

Update #669

Nisha in ripped black pants, blockheels and a yellow shirt, getting all wet!

Update #668

Like it never went out of style! Desiree is showing off a great LONSDALE downjacket.
She also wears a white skirt that gets dirty in the puddle, nothing on her feet and nothing underneath the jacket!

Update #667

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year - Team Wetlook

Play movie here: https://youtu.be/paI-dyM3oZQ 

Update #666

We had some requests to post more 'big' girls... We do not have many of those, but Barbara qualifies :-)

Update #665

Manon is just a very cute, quiet girl that wanted to try out for some wetlook in her daily outfit.
Here she's wearing a stretch legging under a purple dress, jacket and purple suede shoes.

Update #664

Movie of Sylvie in a complete brown cotton suit, with flared pants, jacket, vest and a white blouse underneath.

Update #663

New girl Nicha stays elegant no matter how wet she gets. 
Wide blue cotton pants and a Mango black shirt under a white jacket, always with heels.

Update #662

A special request at wetlookfantasy.com brought us this all-velvet outfit, including a long black velvet skirt, velvet jacket and headband.
It's a nice fabric to get wet, once it is soaked it is so heavy!

Update #661

Belinda in black legging under a pink dress getting a great shine. She takes off her shoes during the shoot.


Update #660

Double movie of beauty Pascale in jeans and shirt. Also in cotton pants with white blouse.

Update #659

Indian Sherry in a great jeans outfit and a loose red shirt without bra enjoys the splashing and the posing!

Update #658

Movie of gorgeous Tanja in thin cotton pants and a sheer pullover. Lovely long hair!

Update #657

Busty Barbara in Blue Body Big But on the Beach!

Update #656

Es ist OKTOBERFEST! Also hier zeigt Louise das echte Dirndl-Kostum!

Update #655

Movie of Louise taking a shower in black tight pants and a white blouse that gets very sheer, revealing a darker bra underneath

Update #654

Belinda in a tight green dress takes her very first clothed shower :-)

Update #653

Desiree in little red dress under a bomberjacket with fur-lined hoodie

Update #652

Movie of Yael in a little pond wearing a jeans outfit

Update #651

Barbara in a catsuit on high heels takes a shower

Update #650

Sherry in a strange combination of heels, shorts and a shirt enjoys a sunny day!

Update #649

Movie of alternative emo-girl Lucy in blue pants and a jacket without shirt underneath

Update #648

Red dress and nothing else on Desiree. She's wild and extreme, but also very nice to work with.

Update #647: July 16 2015

Movie of very cute and elegant Milou. She is wearing an all jeans outfit and carefully 
shows every part of it, including a nice pantypeek on top of her Hilfiger!

Update #646: July 8 2015

Asian beauty Gaby on heels in skirt and jacket with a tear in her pantyhose.
So it's time to rip those panties to shreds!

Update #645: July 1 2015

Great movie of gorgeous Tanja in black dress and pantyhose, which she rips

Update #644: June 21 2015

Louise in a Nickelson bomberjacket with fur hoodie and magnificent shine!

Update #643: June 14 2015

Jessica in jeans and black T-shirt under a lumberjack shirt

Update #642: June 7 2015

3 movieclips of emo girl Priscilla, wet leather, a dress and more.

Update #641: May 31 2015

Pretty Yeal in jeans jacket and a short over some great tight pants!

wetlook237-4-007.jpg wetlook237-4-103.jpg wetlook237-4-187.jpg wetlook237-4-307.jpg

Update #640: May 25 2015

Movie of voluptuous Samantha in jeans and a shirt under a jacket which she takes off

Update #639: May 16 2015

Pascale in jeans and a little white top with small boots

Update #638: May 10 2015

Movie of Joyce in tight black pants and a white jacket over a shirt

Update #637: May 3 2015

Tough girl Sietske on sneakers and in a nice jeans gets soaking wet

Update #636: April 27 2015

Gorgeous Milou with running make-up in pantyhose, skirt and jacket over white blouse

Update #635: April 20 2015

Nerdy anime-girl Lucy is so cute in her jeans and little jacket over a bra

Update #634: April 14 2015

Movie of asian beauty Gaby on heels in skirt and jacket with a tear in her pantyhose.
So it's time to rip those panties to shreds!

Update #633: April 5 2015

Elsa in office suit and pantyhose gets herself soaking wet and takes her jacket and shoes off

Update #632: March 28 2015

Nicole and Carola want to get wet together, but Nicole chickens out... Carola has fun for two however :-)

Update #631: March 22 2015

Movie of Joyce in black pants and white blouse under a red jacket which she takes off at the end.

Update #630: March 14 2015

Tomorrow 17-year-old Max Verstappen makes his debut in the Formula1 for Toro Rosso...
To support him, here is Anja in netstockings, denim skirt and a red bull shirt :-)

Update #629: March 8 2015

Sporty Stacey in black pants and a jacket over a tanktop, with sneakers

Update #628: February 26 2015

Pretty Louise in black pants, suede boots and a c-thru white blouse.

Update #627: February 18 2015

Movie of Sigrun in black pantyhose under a short skirt and a blouse under a red jacket.

Update #626: February 12 2015

Esmaralda and Mandy in blue. Mandy in a skirt and Es in a tight jeans.
They play, jump and fight until they are completely soaked.

Update #625: February 3 2015

Anime-girl Lucy in schoolgirl knee socks that go from light gray to very dark gray
and pumps with heels, nice black outfit and happy girl!

Update #624: January 24 2015

Movie of emo babe Nathalie in regular jeans on All stars and a white shirt with a slipping bra under a green coat

Update #623: January 14 2015

Perfect shaped Yael in tight pants and blue sweater gets soaking wet

Update #622: January 5 2015

Samantha has great hips and bum, showing off in a tight legging under a wide gray shirt
Also cute short leather boots

Update #621: December 27 2014

Back from Ireland, sorry you missed us at X-mas guys! 
Now, to end the year with a very nice movie of Divinia in jeans pants and a denim shirt over a tight black top

Update #619: December 11 2014

By very special request we have some fantastic Uggs on an also spectacular new girl!
Blond Louise is wearing an all white sheer outfit with gray Uggs underneath.
She takes off the boots and washes the black from her pants :-)

Update #618: December 3 2014

Milou is very elegant, very cheerful and very, very pretty in her Hilfiger jeans.
Some nice and shameless panty-peeking as well :-)

Update #617: November 24 2014

Movie of Tanja in pantyhose pumps, blue skirt with great shine and a black vest over a black blouse. Smashing!
Also available as a single download at www.wetlookstore.com 

Update #616: November 17 2014

Priscilla shaved her half of her head but still looking great! 
In a leather skirt and leather boots over net stockings in the shower, leather vest over black pullover

Update #615: November 9 2014

New girl Gaby is very elegant on her high heels, wearing gray shirt and stockings

Update #614: November 2 2014

Lovely Lucy with ripped pantyhose and an alternative look likes to get wet!

Update #613: October 27 2014

Our crew had a lot of fun splashing Joyce in her denim outfit, poring buckets of water over her blond hair


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