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This are some samples of the material we have posted on this site in the past.
Sets get removed after a while to www.wetlookshop.com, so make sure you stay a member if you do not want to miss anything!
Note that not all these samples will be online anymore if you joined to late.

Currently there are 29 movies online
44 have recently been removed and will appear at www.wetlookstore.com 


Update #649

Movie of alternative emo-girl Lucy in blue pants and a jacket without shirt underneath

Update #648

Red dress and nothing else on Desiree. She's wild and extreme, but also very nice to work with.

Update #647: July 16 2015

Movie of very cute and elegant Milou. She is wearing an all jeans outfit and carefully 
shows every part of it, including a nice pantypeek on top of her Hilfiger!

Update #646: July 8 2015

Asian beauty Gaby on heels in skirt and jacket with a tear in her pantyhose.
So it's time to rip those panties to shreds!

Update #645: July 1 2015

Great movie of gorgeous Tanja in black dress and pantyhose, which she rips

Update #644: June 21 2015

Louise in a Nickelson bomberjacket with fur hoodie and magnificent shine!

Update #643: June 14 2015

Jessica in jeans and black T-shirt under a lumberjack shirt

Update #642: June 7 2015

3 movieclips of emo girl Priscilla, wet leather, a dress and more.

Update #641: May 31 2015

Pretty Yeal in jeans jacket and a short over some great tight pants!

wetlook237-4-007.jpg wetlook237-4-103.jpg wetlook237-4-187.jpg wetlook237-4-307.jpg

Update #640: May 25 2015

Movie of voluptuous Samantha in jeans and a shirt under a jacket which she takes off

Update #639: May 16 2015

Pascale in jeans and a little white top with small boots

Update #638: May 10 2015

Movie of Joyce in tight black pants and a white jacket over a shirt

Update #637: May 3 2015

Tough girl Sietske on sneakers and in a nice jeans gets soaking wet

Update #636: April 27 2015

Gorgeous Milou with running make-up in pantyhose, skirt and jacket over white blouse

Update #635: April 20 2015

Nerdy anime-girl Lucy is so cute in her jeans and little jacket over a bra

Update #634: April 14 2015

Movie of asian beauty Gaby on heels in skirt and jacket with a tear in her pantyhose.
So it's time to rip those panties to shreds!

Update #633: April 5 2015

Elsa in office suit and pantyhose gets herself soaking wet and takes her jacket and shoes off

Update #632: March 28 2015

Nicole and Carola want to get wet together, but Nicole chickens out... Carola has fun for two however :-)

Update #631: March 22 2015

Movie of Joyce in black pants and white blouse under a red jacket which she takes off at the end.

Update #630: March 14 2015

Tomorrow 17-year-old Max Verstappen makes his debut in the Formula1 for Toro Rosso...
To support him, here is Anja in netstockings, denim skirt and a red bull shirt :-)

Update #629: March 8 2015

Sporty Stacey in black pants and a jacket over a tanktop, with sneakers

Update #628: February 26 2015

Pretty Louise in black pants, suede boots and a c-thru white blouse.

Update #627: February 18 2015

Movie of Sigrun in black pantyhose under a short skirt and a blouse under a red jacket.

Update #626: February 12 2015

Esmaralda and Mandy in blue. Mandy in a skirt and Es in a tight jeans.
They play, jump and fight until they are completely soaked.

Update #625: February 3 2015

Anime-girl Lucy in schoolgirl knee socks that go from light gray to very dark gray
and pumps with heels, nice black outfit and happy girl!

Update #624: January 24 2015

Movie of emo babe Nathalie in regular jeans on All stars and a white shirt with a slipping bra under a green coat

Update #623: January 14 2015

Perfect shaped Yael in tight pants and blue sweater gets soaking wet

Update #622: January 5 2015

Samantha has great hips and bum, showing off in a tight legging under a wide gray shirt
Also cute short leather boots

Update #621: December 27 2014

Back from Ireland, sorry you missed us at X-mas guys! 
Now, to end the year with a very nice movie of Divinia in jeans pants and a denim shirt over a tight black top

Update #619: December 11 2014

By very special request we have some fantastic Uggs on an also spectacular new girl!
Blond Louise is wearing an all white sheer outfit with gray Uggs underneath.
She takes off the boots and washes the black from her pants :-)

Update #618: December 3 2014

Milou is very elegant, very cheerful and very, very pretty in her Hilfiger jeans.
Some nice and shameless panty-peeking as well :-)

Update #617: November 24 2014

Movie of Tanja in pantyhose pumps, blue skirt with great shine and a black vest over a black blouse. Smashing!
Also available as a single download at www.wetlookstore.com 

Update #616: November 17 2014

Priscilla shaved her half of her head but still looking great! 
In a leather skirt and leather boots over net stockings in the shower, leather vest over black pullover

Update #615: November 9 2014

New girl Gaby is very elegant on her high heels, wearing gray shirt and stockings

Update #614: November 2 2014

Lovely Lucy with ripped pantyhose and an alternative look likes to get wet!

Update #613: October 27 2014

Our crew had a lot of fun splashing Joyce in her denim outfit, poring buckets of water over her blond hair

Updates #544 to #612: 2013 / 2014

Samples of what we have posted last year. First, these are the picture-sets:



Updates #544 to #612: 2013 / 2014

Samples of what we have posted last year. These are the movies that are still available ONLINE:

Movie of Elsa in black office suit over white blouse and white bra, and nylons.
First part is filmed from within the currant of the water, the second part on the beach.


Movie of Sigrun on a hot day in wide jeans and a green shirt, she really enjoys playing and getting wet

Movie of Sigrun in a tight denim jeans, low heels and a sheer top over a brown shirt. 
The waves make her wet and she has fun like a little girl, being outdoors getting soaked!


Marjolein as G.I. Jane in an Army outfit, including army boots, green pants, tanktop and cap.

Two friends filmed while stepping into a little stream, Mandy in jeans and a great black shirt, 
but the green vest also has some good change of color.

Movie of Nathalie in baggy jeans pants and a jeans jacket over two T-shirts. She removes one later on.
Also cool army boots, fun outfit!

Movie of Maaike in Bien Blue pullover and skirt, all soaked!

Behind the scenes movie of Maaike in tight jeans and a purple top under a sheer blouse enjoys the Dutch summer.


Movie of Bianca with lovely blond hair and a shiny pants under a tunica. 
A long vest is blowing in the wind. She rolls around in very cold water, to get her outfit wet, 
even takes off the vest but misses a little part on her shoulder. 

Movie and pictures of Danielle in green pants and clingy black pullover, such great shapes...


Movie of Nicole in white pants, red shirt and white vest taking a dip in cold water.
Chilly but enjoyable, cute redhead with pantyslip

 Nicole in blue jeans under a pullover

Movie of Carola and Nicole, first posing in water, then changing clothes and ripping a pantyhose while playing


Great movie of Carmen in tight jeans (Blue Rags), a simple black shirt with a marvelous shine when soaked,
and 1 meter long red hair to soak and swing with! :-)

Carola in knee-long skirt and a armless top. The clip begins with her friend Nicole getting a brown dress wet.
But Nicole was not feeling too well, so Carola jumped in in her going-home clothes and took over the whole set :-)

Movie of Carola in black skirt and jacket over a red top.
She teasingly moves around in a lake, getting her outfit all wet.

 Indonesian Karina (known from kim Holland) in dark jeans and a vest over a red shirt Sandy in pink moonboots
Nikki is slim and sexy in her white top under gray vest and jeans.

Selma in a light denim jeans and a blue pullover with great coloration when wet. She tries to keep her hair dry, 
hence the Star Trek uniform-look :-) Also comes with a short movie.

Michelle in office wear gets all wet. 
She takes off her coat, gets soaked and wears her coat again. Very pretty girl in wet clothes.


Updates 2012 / 2014

Samples of what we have posted previously. These movies have been removed and will reappear at www.wetlookstore.com :

  Mandy, Daphne and Esmaralda.
The two friends start off in elegant back dresses in a stream, but Daphne, our own wam-crazy girl, soon finds some
mud on the bottom and a throwing-fight starts, where 2 girls don't seem to be a match against Daphne in her 
flared jeans with white blouse. At the end they give our photographer a good, wet hug :-)


Great movie of Marjolein in a denim dungaree, jumping, playing and posing on the beach on a hot sunny day. 
She is wearing a gray shirt underneath, which she will take off near the end. 
She chats a bit about why she likes her overall :-)

New girl Elsa is very calm in nature, which gives you the time to see every detail of her soaking clothes in a wild river.

More jeans! A nice movie of Elsa in dark denim pants and a jeans shirt, riding the waves and getting her blond hair soaked.

Movie of Maaike in long white skirt and white top, both get all sheer when soaked. She takes of the vest near the end.


Blonde Maaike in a long jeans skirt and a jeans jacket over a white blouse. 
She takes the jacket off and plays with the waves.

Movie of blonde Bianca in a shiny legging with hole and a brown leather jacket!
Esmaralda & Mandy in a nice playful movie, where they chase each other and get all soaked :-) Funny girl Zarina, in black pants, great black blouse and gray dungaree-ish piece.
She talks almost non-stop and really enjoys being soaked completely natural.
Chinese girl Christien is wearing Caterpillar working shoes, a dark denim jeans and a wool pullover over a pink blouse. 
She takes a fully clothed swim in the swimming pool and gets completely soaked!
pretty and long-haired Zarina in the shower.

Gorgeous slim girl with long hair fro over 1 meter in very tight jeans and blouse lays on the shore and rolls in the waves. 
She then starts playing with her hair, making it al wet and swinging it all over the place. Great if you like wet hair flying around :-)

Nikki is wearing black leggings under blue shorts, a purple top and a white summer jacket.


Movie of Nathalie in regular denim jeans with a white shirt, made special by a large wool poncho which she soakes.
Very playfull girl in nice and wet video.


Naomi in pool with boots, jeans and pullover. She swims around and dives to get her hair soaking wet. 
Lovely smile on this Indian girl!

Leonie and Valerie both in jeans, black top, jacket and a hat, which they use as a bucket to get each other wet.
They are having fun playing in the river, getting all soaked in the process!

Movie of tall and slim Nikki in leggings, hoodie and overall gets wet in a river, she plays and shows off her wet clothes 


pretty and long-haired Venora in the shower.

Movie of Gothic girl Nathalie in a great black skirt over a meter wide and a black corset.
She is completely soaked in water, doing a combination of ballet and wetlook


Great movie of Naomi in an all white outfit! 
She is wearing white shoes, a white cotton pants, white bra and a white top under a white shirt.
She gradually gets wet in the pool and shows off how wet she is with a big smile! So cute!
Movie of elegant Indonesean Karina (known from Kim Holland) in a denim and gray pullover. 
The water was a bit chilly that day, but the beauty was obvious!

Previous Updates:

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